the weight of energy
Energy Sources

consumption management and control

Energy resources are more and more a Mordomus concern. Gas, Electricity and Water are monitored at all times and it is not just to make graphs that save nothing, but rather to understand when and where energy is used in your home, set energy consumption targets, move equipment, trigger alerts and much more.

electric car

solar panels with integrated management

The energy that the sun gives us is only given to us when we least need it and, in fact, solar panels, more and more, only serve electricity suppliers. That's why your Mordomus will know how to spend that energy in order to serve you instead of selling, almost giving, that energy to the operator.

home sound

your large energy consumers at a distance

Leaving an iron on, a faucet running or the stove on can be costly or catastrophic. The Mordomus APP will immediately inform you if you consider that there is unexpected consumption when you leave the house and you can even turn it off automatically or with a click. After all, energy is a precious commodity.

home sound

vehicles charging

The house must follow the trend of electric mobility and Mordomus will know how to manage this consumption monster in order to channel energy in the best way in the hours that pays off the most, or when there is more solar energy, always taking into account never leaving it in the dark.

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