our genesis is home automation
Mordomus Pro

Professional installation

Home automation should be seen as something very serious, because it is about your Home, Hotel, Company... The solutions that increasingly appear on websites, supermarket shelves, always “very cheap and easy to install” are the right recipe for a short-term disaster. Betting on professional solutions, to the detriment of those of low credibility, can only guarantee a solid investment, to last for decades, with support, with assistance.

20 years of Mordomus results in this solidity

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Mordomus IOT

Install it yourself

Although sometimes a home automation installation was not done from scratch, it should still be seen as something very serious, as it is your Home or Company... The IOT solutions, wireless that Mordomus provides, are far from those that appear on websites, supermarket shelves, always “very cheap and easy to install”.

8 years of Mordomus de IOT

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family house

Your house will become a dream home by integrating systems such as lighting, temperature control, blinds and your favorite music. You can also configure a series of procedures, according to your needs. In contrast to the coldness of technology, Mordomus is tailored to the warmth that unites your family at home.


In a traditional installation, switches are used to control lights, power outlets, air conditioning, motorized blinds, etc. In an installation with Mordomus you can integrate all these functions into a single APP that will make everything simpler to control. Mordomus in the company means equipment control, energy management and cost reduction.


Large houses, such as hotels, which have very different needs from small houses, independent energy management per room, consumption reports, are just a small sample of what is possible to manage. All this was developed thinking about offering its customers all the comfort and luxury in an atmosphere of abundance and style.

special buildings

Building successful commercial facilities boils down to creating integrated management at the best price. Mordomus manages condominiums, shopping areas, pharmacies, gas stations and many other special facilities where only a safe and credible technological solution can ensure the trust these facilities deserve.