lighting isn't just turning lights on or off
home automation dimmer lights


Light cannot be a shock, it has to be comfort or even warmth. With Mordomus the dimmer costs less than the ordinary ON/OFF and the difference is all. Imagine, at night, waking up to drink water and the light that comes on is so dim that it hardly wakes you up. In the morning you won't even remember.

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home automation rgb lights

multicolor lighting (rgbw)

Color is part of our life and it is difficult to imagine it without color. Your home has to have color, so you can put it in a lilac-charming mode, a romantic red, a pensive blue or simply without any light, while listening to that music that brought color to your life.

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warning light

flash alerts

Sometimes your house will want to tell you that the doorbell rang or it even started to rain, but a flashing light can be enough and better than a loud doorbell. Just decide! The light, which in other houses only illuminates, in yours can also be a warning, but with charm.

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presence simulation

presence simulation

Amazing how light can be so much more than lighting. At Mordomus, light and many other things can serve to simulate that there are people in the house and put away a burglar. This is only possible with the investment that Mordomus makes in the presence simulation.

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