wake up in a dream house
home wake up clock

surround audio

The house must have sound, as it is a way for Mordomus to communicate with you, alerting you of the bell, excessive energy consumption or letting you know that the gate is open. We imagine you were just waiting to be able to wake up to music, but of course you can too, but in high fidelity.

Find out about lighting here

light alerts

The light can also wake you up to a bell, at those times when you are no longer interested in the bell being heard and a simple blink in the hallway would be enough. Even if you don't realize it, you will receive a photo of the person who played in your email.

smart windows

Windows are also a way to wake up, but it has to be 1% in 1% so that you have a perfect wake up to a perfect day. This is the resolution of Mordomus windows.

Learn how to control windows here

various schedules, different events

The behavior of the house has to adapt to its schedules, its habits, its sleep and even its way of waking up which are different according to the days of the week, outside temperature and many other things. Count on a wake up Mordomus.