windows are much more than just windows
house blinds control by app

the windows with life

Before you can even think it, Mordomus really gives windows their own life. The window must be controlled with your phone, with the wall buttons, with the TV remote or even because it's sunny and you want light, but controlled with high resolution, as is your home.

Find out about IR control here.

control home save

windows as a security element

The security of your house depends on the quality of the windows, it is well known, but did you know that a fragile window, managed by Mordomus, helps to simulate the presence and repels an intruder, defending the house more than a resistant and static window.

eletric blinds

windows as an integral part of energy efficiency

The house has to react to the surrounding elements and windows are the barrier that can be activated to defend the house from cold or heat. Mordomus gives windows a life of their own, allowing enormous thermal conservation, as long as they are properly controlled.

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