The security of your home is more important than anything else.

intrusion alarm

An intruder alarm is commonplace, but if it uses everything your home has available to defend it, that's something else. With Mordomus, the Alarm really uses everything, even to know that it is not there and that you have forgotten an open tap. After all, for us, the intruder is not even an issue, it is to keep out of your home.

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presence simulation

Better than alerting you to an intrusion in your home, is convincing the intruder not to enter. Our Presence Simulation will use everything in your home to prevent it. In the end, you won't even know anything or in the worst case, you'll hear about the robbery at a neighbor's house. You can join all the alarm brands and none of them will have an argument against the Mordomus Presence Simulation.


technical alarms

It is always said that in a smart home, when a flood is detected, the water is immediately cut off. The Mordomus will be able to decide whether it is a flood or the splashing of the bathtub that generated the alarm. After all, it's supposed to be a smart home.

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