The intelligent house is only if we control everything and with the Mordomus it is possible to control everything in your house, regardless of brands or models. After all, when we do not control everything, we are very close to not controlling anything.






Alarm clocks


IR Control

Windows and Blinds



Energy Resources


Video Doorphone




In most home automation systems, the illumination is the core of centralized management. In some systems that's the only feature. In Mordomus, illumination is something we give importance too, but it’s still one of the many features in your home. The whole house is seen as a human body where every sense is vital for the others. Illumination is one of these senses and the LED is the new direction of that source of light. Multicolour or RGB LED is already a reality that Mordomus controls, as a part of itself.


The climatization causes the highest energy consumption at home, however the use of renewable energy is, progressively, becoming the solution to reverse this tendency. Mordomus is up to the task to manage the most complex HVAC systems, regardless of their makes and models. Combining retrieval systems of alternative energy in the brain of your home is the only way to manage these resources, minimizing costs and increasing efficiency.


Mordomus makes your home a safe structure. All that is part of the house, is also part of the burglar alarm. Technical Alarms - A flood can be catastrophic for floors, furniture, paintings, etc. A gas leak, a smoke or other incident can be prevented in time, if well managed. Intruder Alarms - If the alarm sounds, it can interact with windows, gates, surround sound system, video surveillance. We can ask for watering system to refresh the unfortunate intruder. Tamper alarm - Alarm Protection equipment.


Mordomus is always there for you, even to wake you up with your favourite music, by opening a window or any other way you’ll like. The Alarm Clock allows you to set alarms, with the schedules that you want and need. Also, the sound of the Alarm Clock is only heard in the rooms that you desire.


Your house is seen as it really is. With Emap Control it’s possible to integrate a real plan of your home. The interaction between the user and the house will become more friendly and perceptive, since you’re watching it from above. Using E-MAP on tablets makes controlling your home an incredible experience.


This is an in-house sensor that integrates various technologies which allows perfect control equipment and also Mordomus control at surprisingly low cost.


Windows are a source of light for your home. They can be controlled in several ways at your convenience, whether you need to slightly move an electrical curtain/window by pressing a control keys, by acting directly at the control panel at the wall, using the remote control of your TV or even with the sunlight position. Provides the most appropriate window position or move up and down the blinds, curtains, shutters and blackout automatically. The command can be given directly through actuators / switches for command time, if-then conditions or alarms.


The weather makes changes in habits of your home as well in yours. The Mordomus, gives you weather information through an outdoor sensor (METEO) and the weather forecast for the next days, so do not let yourself get caught by weather.


Mordomus Surround Sound has been improved. With a simple update you get amazing features now available. Video, audio and internet, are constantly present in our lives and in our house. Youtube, Web-Radios, MP3, Videos and Photos.


Energy resources are costly and increasingly a concern to Mordomus. The Gas, Electricity and Water are monitored at all times. You can understand where and when energy is used in your home, set goals for energy consumption, disconnect equipment, when the maximum power consumption is achieved and much more.


The garden is the image of your home. The outdoor lighting, irrigation, swimming pool are fundamental pieces to Mordomus, and it will give them the same attention it gives to everything else. Managing irrigation, conditioning it with atmosphere conditions, lighting the outside differently on special days…all these and more is as simple as any other function done in the interior of the house.


The doorbell is no longer the distress that was before and the video intercom is no longer the same as well. Mordomus uses the surround sound in a very gentle manner to tell you that someone rang the door, and it even tells you which door it was. And in the baby's bedroom, the soft music that was heard, continues uninterrupted. And at night? If you don’t want to wake up at night with the sound of the doorbell, you just have to tell Mordomus, because in the morning, you can always see the picture of who came to your house at night, on Mordomus or in the e-mail.

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