the climate control of your home is your comfort
home automation dimmer lights

airzone air conditioning

With Mordomus you are free to use any brand and model of air conditioning, as surely all of these will be compatible with your Mordomus and all available in the same APP, the Mordomus APP for your home.

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solius thermostat

Air conditioning is the biggest consumer and cannot be left to chance or lost in an independent APP. It is mandatory that this is controlled as it manages everything in your home, in the same APP, even if the air conditioning is from a renowned brand such as SOLIUS.

underfloor heating and others

Climate control must be what you consider necessary, regardless of having underfloor heating together with different cooling/heating technologies, Heat Pump, Geothermal, Heated Walls, etc., Mordomus integrates all of them as if they were one, your climate control.

iMeteo weather station

The weather station is only the one who analyzes the weather outside and this could have everything to do with your climate control, but note that your alarm does too, after all at home everything has to do with everything

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